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Isabel and Wendi left on Thursday for the school trip to Washington, DC. While the girls are site seeing their way through American history Eric and I are holding down the home front. In their first two days they have seen numerous monuments on the National Mall, visited a few of the museums and got a group picture in front of the White House.

Sunday they take a river cruise on the Potomac to Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery! The rest of the trip includes visits to Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Norfolk to tour the USS Wisconsin.

Meanwhile Eric and I are at home weathering the storm…literally! We got over 8 inches of snow today and it’s still coming down!

March is our snowiest month and this year is no different! Initial reports called for 2-4 inches of snow, they were wrong… After 12 hours of snowfall and blizzard conditions we had about 2 feet on the ground! Thankfully it was the wet heavy snow that really hurts the back when shoveling… But I had good helpers!



Things got a little out of control at the Cub Scout meeting! The boys had a guided tour of the local fire station, saw the 75 foot ladder engine shoot water and rummaged through the ambulance.

Then the Police showed up…


I’m months behind on adding pictures to site! As many of you know we are moving! The house is currently stacked with boxes and moving supplies as we try and pack 10 years worth of…life…into boxes.

For those who don’t know we are moving into a new house, which is currently being built. I’ll add some pictures of the build process later this month.

For now here are some pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes. We had an astronaut and Einstein/mad scientist… (Click on the pictures to make them bigger)




Thank you to everyone for the support over the last several months of my American Ninja Warrior journey!


My Ninja Warrior run ended up on the cutting room floor, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing experience. To answer the question you’ve all been asking: I went out on the dreaded Running Logs! I was short on the 3rd log, it rolled and I went down!

When you check in you are randomly given a number for the running order. It’s not altogether random as they try and get the contestants with small children in the first group of runners. Falling in that category I was given number 005! They start at 000, so I was the 6th runner. Filming started about 9PM and I was running the course by 930PM.

After running you are sequestered in the Winner’s Circle until you’re officially knocked out of the top 30. I entered the Winner’s Circle about 940PM. I wasn’t knocked out of the Top 30 until 345AM! They didn’t show it on TV but the Cargo Net and Running Logs eliminated the majority of the people.

The way the ranking works is based on the time you finish an obstacle. I finished the Cargo Net in X amount of seconds. Anybody else who finished the Cargo Net with a greater time was ranked lower than me. I have no idea what the time was but it was good enough to hang out in the Winner’s Circle for 6 hours!

A total of 109 people ran the Military course. I was knocked out with 15 runners left! I stayed around and watched the final runners and estimate I finished somewhere in the Top 40. But there are no official rankings past 30.

During the media day event I did a few interviews, some social media shots and demonstrated some swordsmanship on the deck of the U.S.S. Iowa!

My rookie season of American Ninja Warrior was awesome and being chosen for the Military episode was an absolute honor! It was an fantastic group of competitors from all branches.

The kids have already informed me I’ll be back next year and put me on a strict workout regime!

Below are some pictures from the media day event and the night of the course. (click on the image to enlarge it)

Thanks for all the support! We’ll get ’em next year!

The kids are ready!!


Tune in tonight to watch 109 members of the military invade American Ninja Warrior! The show airs on your local NBC channel. Check your guide for the time, but it is on at 7pm in Denver.

There’s no guarantee they will show my run but there are lots of great runs and amazing stories from all the contestants! The oldest contest was Charles, a 72 year old Vietnam Vet!

Below are some pictures from the event(at least the ones I can post) Enjoy and thanks for all the support. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Gary & Charles

Gary & Charles

Gary & Matt (The Host)

Gary & Matt (The Host)


We are packing our bags and flying out to LA!!

We all headed to the climbing gym over the weekend to get in one last practice session. Wendi was under the weather so she is the director.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 2015 -- Pictured: "American Ninja Warrior" horizontal key art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR 2015 — Pictured: “American Ninja Warrior” horizontal key art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Some of you know but for the rest that check out the website I thought I’d post the news here.

The kids (and grown-ups too) have a favorite show we watch in the summer called American Ninja Warrior. It’s based on the Japanese game show called Sasuke. It’s an extreme obstacle course show.

While watching it last summer the kids said I should go on the show. Jokingly I agreed. But then I thought why not and signed up for the email updates for casting info.

In October I started training, as you’ll see in the video below the course is heavy on grip/upper body strength obstacles. Then I received an email with the requirements to submit an application. I answered the the 50+ questions on the questionnaire(which was harder than the physical training!) and made a 3 minute video to submit to the producers. The submission was due 11 Jan and then the waiting begins.

I heard there were over 50,000 applicants this year. There are 5 qualifying cities to run the course and they pick around 100 people per city. That’s about 500 people total running the course or about 1% of the applicants (If the 50K number is accurate) This year was the first year in 2 seasons the show wasn’t filming in Denver. The folks from Denver would run in the Kansas City qualifier on 17 Apr.

I got a call on 03 Apr from the producers letting me know that I was picked for the show!!! However not in the Kansas City qualifier. For the first time in 7 seasons they are doing an all military qualifier.

In early June I’ll be running the American Ninja Warrior All Military Qualifier!!! We’re still waiting on official dates and locations, when I have them I will let you know.

Below is part of my submission video…Enjoy!

Submission Video

American Ninja Warrior Finals


Spring Break came and went this year without much fanfare. We were able to get out and enjoy beautiful weather with bike rides and kite flying at the park. Eric is doing great in Kindergarten and starts T-ball in two weeks.

Isabel is loving 3rd grade and continues to bug the teachers for more homework! She’s still a gymnast and starts spring soccer in two weeks.