American Ninja Warrior Military episode on tonight!

The kids are ready!!


Tune in tonight to watch 109 members of the military invade American Ninja Warrior! The show airs on your local NBC channel. Check your guide for the time, but it is on at 7pm in Denver.

There’s no guarantee they will show my run but there are lots of great runs and amazing stories from all the contestants! The oldest contest was Charles, a 72 year old Vietnam Vet!

Below are some pictures from the event(at least the ones I can post) Enjoy and thanks for all the support. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Gary & Charles
Gary & Charles

Gary & Matt (The Host)
Gary & Matt (The Host)


4 Replies to “American Ninja Warrior Military episode on tonight!”

  1. I was hoping they would show more runners since it was a ‘special’ episode. No luck though. I have some footage of my run that I will post later this week.

  2. Darn!

    If they didn’t have so many ads they could have shown more participants.