White Christmas!

For the first time in about 40 years Denver saw a foot of snow on Christmas!!

Isabel’s Christmas Show

Isabel had her first Christmas show and, of course, she was the star!!! You can access the videos below… Lower quality but much smaller to download… Isabel (low quality ~3Mb) Higher quality… Isabel (high quality ~47Mb)

Happy Halloween!

Isabel dressed up to pass out candy. With only 12 kids coming to the door it was a short night. Wendi has a lot of candy to eat!

New cabinets

After several nights and weekends of work, the bathroom is starting to make real progress. We have all the sheet rock up, mudded, taped and painted. The floor has been tiled. Our favorite cousin came over today and made quick…

Blue Jean Izzi

I am finally big enough to wear my jean jacket that Aunt Vicki got me a year ago!! I really like my first pony! Blue Jean Boogie!

Isabel, Daddy’s Helper

Father and daughter team up to work on the bathroom. Isabel is looking forward to taking a bath in the new tub (and not the kitchen sink anymore)!

I’M ONE!!!

We have a new one year old in the house…. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!